A Passionate Hunter Shares: Her Journey in Hunting and How MiniFinder Rex Changed the Game

A Passionate Hunter Shares: Her Journey in Hunting and How MiniFinder Rex Changed the Game

Growing up in a hunting family heavily influenced Jonna's early years. Both her mother and father were devoted hunters and breeders of dachshunds, which meant that Jonna and her sister learned about all aspects of hunting from a young age. Her first own hunting dog was a dachshund named Zinta. Despite Zinta never becoming a truly skilled hunting dog, probably because Jonna used to drive her around in a stroller in the yard, this marked the beginning of her lifelong passion for hunting and hunting dogs.

What Are Your Most Memorable Moments in Hunting?

One of my most memorable experiences happened when our dachshund Zizzi disappeared during a hunt near Uppsala, where my uncle lives. Despite setting up a trap and a blanket in the forest and searching intensively, we had to return to Skåne for school and work. We were devastated, but Uncle Johnny continued searching. Days later, while driving through Markaryd, we received a call from a man who had found Zizzi and managed to read the phone number on her reflective collar. She was angry, but the man, a policeman, had managed to get her into his car. Getting her back was an incredible relief and an unforgettable event.

How Have Your Work and Experiences as a Hunter Evolved?

As a hunter, I have evolved significantly over the years. The experiences and challenges have been numerous, especially with new challenges like learning to hunt wild boar. It has also been positive to see how the hunting community has improved in wildlife management and that more women are now participating in hunting.

What Drives Your Passion for Hunting?

What drives my passion for hunting is the fantastic feeling of being out in nature, especially with my beloved dogs. For me, it’s not just about the hunt itself but about being in the forest and feeling the security of being able to provide for myself with good food. Hunting with dogs is particularly close to my heart, as it is something I grew up with.

Why Did You Choose MiniFinder Rex?

When I had the opportunity to try MiniFinder Rex, a new GPS collar for dogs, I didn't hesitate. It’s important to have new brands that can compete and develop the industry. MiniFinder Rex has truly simplified the recall process for my dogs. Being able to call up the collar and recall the dog from any distance has become invaluable to me. The feature significantly increases safety, especially when the dogs approach dangerous areas like major roads or railways.

To other hunters considering getting a MiniFinder, I say: Do it! Try it and discover something new on the market that can really make a difference. - Jonna Persson

How Has MiniFinder Rex Changed Your Hunting Experience?

A specific instance where Rex really proved its worth was when a stander reported that my dog was chasing a sow. I called up the collar and recalled the dog, reducing the risk of accidents and unnecessary stress for the game.

MiniFinder Rex has not only improved my hunting experience but also increased the safety of my dogs. I use it on every hunt and sometimes even in the kennel. I look forward to continuing to use their products and am confident that more exciting innovations are on the horizon.

User Experience with MiniFinder Rex

The user experience with MiniFinder Rex has exceeded expectations. Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it easy to keep track of the dogs' positions in real-time. With reliable performance and practical features like geofencing and bark detection, MiniFinder Rex has made every hunt safer and more efficient. This technology has truly enhanced my overall hunting experience and made it easier to manage the dogs during hunts.

Top Features Appreciated by Jonna

  • Real-Time Tracking: Ensures accurate and reliable tracking of dogs during hunts.
  • Voice and Vibration Commands: Allows effective remote control and training of dogs.
  • Geofencing: Sets virtual boundaries to keep dogs within safe areas.
  • Bark Indicator with bark counter : Monitors and alerts for barking, adding another layer of dog management.
  • Robust Build and Waterproof: Durable and weather-resistant for all hunting conditions.
  • Long Battery Life: Ensures the device lasts through extended hunting sessions.
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