MiniFinder Rex product review by Vildmarken!

MiniFinder Rex product review by Vildmarken!

MiniFinder Rex has been under test by the magazine Vildmarken and the final product review is here!

Through tests conducted during the start of this hunting season, Vilmarken has reviewd the following features:

  • The 5 second update intervalls
  • The MiniFinder Hunter App and it’s functions
  • The Call Function
  • The LED-light
  • Sound and vibration signals
  • Viewing the history of your hunt
  • Battery time 

First impression of MiniFinder Rex:
”Something that one notice immediately about MiniFinder Rex is the compact and stylish black and red design. There are many examples of smaller hunting dogs that struggle with heavy and inconvenient devices around their neck or back, and I recon this device will open the door for many hunters with smaller four legged hunting buddies.”

Read the full article here!

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