Helena Lyckoskog and MiniFinder Rex - an unbeatable duo in the search of wounded games

Helena Lyckoskog and MiniFinder Rex - an unbeatable duo in the search of wounded games

Helena Lyckoskog, a prominent wounded game hunter, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of dog training.

With over 1000 dogs passing through her training program each year and lectures spanning across the Nordic region, her commitment to increasing understanding of canine behavior and the effectiveness of their handlers is unparalleled. For Helena, every assignment, every search, is an opportunity to share her passion and knowledge.

When it comes to combining expertise and technology, Helena is no exception. In her training and guidance, especially during wounded game searches where speed and safety are of greatest importance, reliable tools are crucial. Therefore, Helena has integrated the MiniFinder Rex dog tracker into her daily routine.

Helena highlights several features of the MiniFinder Rex that are crucial to her success:

  • Safety in the dark: Thanks to Rex's built-in LED guidance light, Helena and her dog Kira can work safely even during the darkest nights. With a simple button press, she can activate the lamp from her phone for increased visibility and safety.
  • Communication: One of the most valuable features for Helena is the ability to call the device. This allows her to stay in touch with her dog and give instructions even from a distance. Additionally, she can send a signal to interrupt the dog's work and call her in if necessary.
  • Real Time Tracking: Through the MiniFinder Hunter app, Helena has complete control over her dog's movements and tracks. Being able to monitor both her own and the dog's movements not only provides increased safety but also a better understanding of their work.

Helena summarizes her experience with MiniFinder Rex:

– I use Rex every time I release my dog for traffic searches. There are several features that I appreciate, such as the lamp I can turn on when we work in traffic, as we usually work when it's dark. The ability to call the device, and also to send a signal to interrupt her work and call her in, says Helena, continuing:

– Of course, I can also keep a close eye on both my and her tracks and get a secure overview of how we have moved.

MiniFinder Rex, together with the MiniFinder Hunter app, provides hunters and trainers like Helena with the support they need to achieve their goals and keep their four-legged partners safe in all situations. Learn more about MiniFinder Rex here.

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