Godkendt af flere forsikringsselskaber

Godkendt af flere forsikringsselskaber

Det er med glæde at vi hos MiniFinder kan fortælle dig, at MiniFinder Zepto og Xtreme, sammen med alarm- og sporingssystemet MiniFinder GO, er godkendte som signalsendere for at spore både, ifølge forsikringsselskaberne Atlantica og Alandia.

We at MiniFinder are very happy to announce that MiniFinder Zepto and Xtreme GM7, together with MiniFinder GO alarm and tracking system, are approved GPS trackers for boats according to the insurance companies Atlantica and Alandia. By connecting either of the GPS trackers to the boat, you will have the opportunity to get a discount price on the insurance.

Theft is not only extremely annoying, but it can also be very costly. MiniFinder Zepto and MiniFinder Xtreme GPS trackers offer several smart features that make them excellent safety solutions for boats. Thanks to features such as real-time positioning, geofence alarms, speed alarms and motion alarms, you get uninterrupted monitoring of your property. MiniFinder's GPS trackers are built with world-leading GPS technology and function in over 190 countries, allowing you to enjoy life no matter wherever you are.

Read more about MiniFinder's GPS trackers for boats on Atlantica and Alandia.

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