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MiniFinder® Nano

GPS Personal Safety Alarm. Swedish patented design.

MiniFinder Nano Safety Alarm & GPS Tracker
A compact clock format safety device with multi-functions, long battery life as well as superior precision. Swedish patented design.

The product offers impressive functionality in a very small format. MiniFinder® Nano is a revolutionary innovation in personal safety and GPS tracking, which is ideal for elderly people, people with cognitive disabilities, children or for people who work in vulnerable environments.

The unit is equipped with built-in eSIM, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi chip, which makes it possible to track the wearer in over 190 countries with high precision. The built-in Bluetooth and WiFi give the wearer enhanced the tracking indoors and outdoors where there is no GPS reception. The GSM function offers the possibility to make voice calls to pre-set telephone numbers with a simple press on a button.

Nano is worn comfortably around the wrist, but the safety alarm itself can easily be taken off from the strap for any use in the car, bag or in other situations where you want to track valuables.

For increased safety, Nano is also equipped with a pulse sensor and a fall sensor to be able to easily monitor the user's physical condition as well as alarm during unforeseen emergencies.

The MiniFinder Nano weighs only 23 grams and measures 41x16mm. Both the device and the strap are made of durable and soft silicone material.

The safety alarm is quickly charged via the supplied cable to the magnetic charging contacts on the back of the unit. The battery life is 120 hours in standby mode and about 24 hours with active use.


MiniFinder Nano represents the new generation of personal GPS security alarms that help the wearer feel safe in all situations.


GeoFence Alarm

By drawing virtual fences on the map, notifications are sent if Nano leaves or enters a defined area.

Speeding alarm

Set the speed limit to get the information if it is exceeded.

GPS blind area alarm (in/out)

Alarms the owner if the GPS tracker comes in areas without GPS signal and alarms again when it receives a signal.

Track by time interval

Set the time interval of at least 10 seconds and you will receive information about the position repeatedly.

Vibration Alarm

The device can detect vibration by its vibration sensor. When it detects movement, it will send you an alert with the position of the device to your phone.


The device logs all position information into the MiniFinder GO Tracking System. You can view the location history based on date and time.


MiniFinder Nano supports Google Maps link in SMS. By pressing on the link in returning SMS from MiniFinder and show your Nano’s position on Google Maps.

Real-Time Tracking

You can, via a computer, a mobile or a tablet, follow all the movements of Nano in real time on a map. In addition to the positioning, you also see battery status, alarm status, the strength of the GPS / GSM signal in real time. This is the easiest and most effective type of tracking. (Requires MiniFinder GO system)


GPS Tracker will automatically answer your calls and enable voice monitoring. Suitable for people in an emergency situation.

Low Battery Alarm

You can get an alarm when low battery occurs in your MiniFinder. A warning is sent to your mobile phone or e-mail.

SOS Button

It sends an alarm to your mobile as a push notification. After the alert has been sent, it will call the alarm receivers.

Call Function

The device supports two-way communication. You can call your Minifinder Nano and also make calls from it to one or more preset phone numbers.

Fall Down Alarm

A built-in G-sensor can detect a dangerous fall and send you an alarm if a fall occurs.

Hear Rate Sensor

A built-in sensor can measure your heart rate continuously and monitor your health around the clock.


Dimensions41 mm × 41 mm x 16mm
BatteryLithium-ion, 300mAh
GSM-band900/1800 850/1900MHz
Power source110-220V input, 5V output
GPS startWarm 5s, Cold 15s
Operating temperature-20°C ~ +70°C
GPS sensitivityCold start: -148dBm Hot start: -163dBm Tracking: -165 dBm
Accuracy<10m (open sky)
GPS chipsetMT3333 (GNSS, Support EPO)
Humidity5%-95% Non-condensing
Battery life120h standby
Memory8Mb (flash memory)
LED2 LED lights indicate GPS, GSM and power
ButtonsSOS and On/Off

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MiniFinder® GO

MiniFinder GO er den software, der styrer alle indgående data fra vores MiniFinder-produkter. Dataene behandles og præsenteres tydeligt på et kortbillede eller i meddelelsesformat. Platformen består af tre forskellige systemer: alarmsystemer, rapporteringssystemer og sporingssystemer. MiniFinder GO understøtter også eksterne opkald og integration med tredjepartssystemer via API'er.

Download appen

Appen er tilgængelig til download til Android og iOS (Apple) mobiltelefoner og tablets:

MiniFinder GO iOS App MiniFinder GO Android App


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